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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. tonight. the search conitnues for the pilot of a small airplane after a mid-air collision between 2 aircrafts causes *one of the planes to plunge into the san francisco bay. this is video of the search from earlier today from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. kron 4's phillipe djegal has been following this developing story. he's near the san pablo bay. where searchers are still at it tonight. phillipe. how long with crews be out there for? the us coast guard says the search for the missing pilot will continue through the night. crews have found parts of the cessna that crashed, but not the main body of the aircraft. the coast guard says it appears the cessna and the vintage world war two airplane were headed from an airship in half moon bay back to their base in the city of ione.
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that's in amador county. when at at around four o'clock in the afternoon, they collided mid-air. sot were not aware of any tricks of the word during that time however backing, later. one man was inside the vintage plane - he made it back to ione safely, where the coast guard says he was able to speak to the faa about what happened. while the pilot of the cessna crashed into the san pablo bat sot we're doing search patterns over the dark water is prohibiting us. the crash happened just a few miles away from the san pablo yacht harbor -- owned by ericsot it's a big sky to a defense like this the chance of putting theeh
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other is a freak accident--c lipping the coast guard using a search for the missing pilot. department also has a boat in near san pablo bay, pd, k4n. tonight the controversy over the clippers owner's alleged racists comments spilled onto the basketball court. today it was game four of the first round of the playoffs - warriors versus clippers. but as the clippers team made clear. todays game was less about basketball and more about the alleged remarks from owner donald sterling. kron 4's scott rates joins us in studio with the latest on this growing controversy. it was this picture taken with magic johnson that started all this. now an attorney for sterling's girlfriend says the voice in the recording is no doubt that of the clippers owner tmz sports has released more of that very controversial conversation.
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"and if it makes you happy all want to remove all the black people from my is the graninsta"
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so some very surprising remarks. those remarks had the clippers players reacting in silent protest before todays game the entire clippers team taking off their jackets and placing them at mid court during warms ups wearing an inside-out long- sleeved shirt during pre-game. after the game andre iguodala weighed in on the situation, and so did the clippers head coach doc rivers. it is not as but the clippers this about every single player
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who goes up there and gives it their all. this is a sad situation where some refills a certain way about certain players in league. i know it's going on, but we still have a job to do. tmz is reporting that sterling's wfie shelly had this to say about the situation. she says quote "our family is devastated my estranged husband. my children and i do not share these despicable views" the nba says they are investigating the matter -- saying they intend to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible other n-b-a teams protesting in their own way. players from both the houston rockets and portland trail
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blazers wore black socks during game 4 sunday night. the socks were worn to show support for the players of the los angeles clippers and to protest against donald sterling's alleged racial comments. we're gonna see a dramatic change from cool temperatures this weekend to very warm readings the next few days. some parts of bay area we will see '90s. into the 80s and tuesds oy 90s by wednesday. still a sea breeze tomorrow however we will go in the '70s most everywhere.
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the most significant warmup lap and tuesday. still ahead we take a look at the warriors highlights. and stay with kron 4 news for the very latest on the sterling controversy and the latest and if you want to share your our kron 4 facebook page. the toddler's mother. investigation. the father of the teen stowaway relationship with his son. touchdown in the midwest.
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experience builds character. experience builds confidence. and experience... has built this. the 2014 glk. the engineering, and the experience, of mercedes-benz. starting at $37,480. tonight we're getting our first look at the woman police say stabbed her 7-month-old son to 23 year-old san jose resident yesterday at del valle regional east bay regional park district police say newton approached officers with her infant son's lifeless body in her arms. kron 4's john fenoglio is in castro valley where police say newton has admitted to murdering her child. oc:
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police here this evening are not saying what may have motivated 23-year-old ashley newton to take her own child's life however they are saying this is one of the most disturing cases they've ever seen. throughout the day investigators continue to collect evidence from the vehicle recoverd at the scene of a brutal crime. sot: "right now we don't know what caused her to do what she did. it's one of the more disturbing ones we've seen. i won't say the most but definitely one of them." east bay regional park district police sergeant, tyrone davis, says that officers initially responded to reports of solo car accident at the end of arroyo drive around 10:30 on saturday. when they arrived, the driver was nowhere in sight. roughly two hours later as officers were about to tow the car sot: "she appeared out of the brush with the child in-hand. the officers saw that he was in need of emergency medical care, and starting rendering aid to the child." vo: police say the child had been stabbed multiple times, and was pronounced dead at the scene. sgt davis says officers found what they believe to be the murder weapon nearby. "it looks to be a small pocket knife, a folding knife. she did
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take responsibility for hervo: police say that newton does not have a criminal record in california. however, they have indicated she may be suffering from some kind of depression. newton remains in jail without bail. she is scheduled to be arraigned in court on tuesday. tag in castro valley. john fenoglio kron 4 news. developing news out of the midwest. deadly storms wreck havoc. tonight we bring you the scene as the death toll continues to climb.
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strong storms in the midwest and south have turned deadly. arkansas state officials say a massive tornado has killed at least 11 people across the state. the tornado is one of several moving through the midwest and earlier this afternoon.a twister hit a northeastern oklahoma town--- killing one person.and injuring six others. tornado watches are widespread across the midwest and southern states, being issued in kansas, missouri, nebraska, iowa, arkansas, oklahoma, texas and louisiana. the santa clara teenager lucky to be alive after hiding in a plane's wheel well continues to recover in hawaii. his father says everyone is looking forward to seeing him again soon. kron 4's alecia reid sat down with a family spokesperson and tells us what may have made the boy decide to run away. concern and worry are some of the emotions abdulahi yusuf says the family experienced when his 15 year old son yahya went missing last week. now, relief
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is what they're feeling. family spokes person zahra billoo sot - it's been a difficult week. all of the expected circumstances of having a child run away, be in danger, and surviving a harrowing journey. sot - the family is very worried about yahiyah and at the same time relieved at what many may call a miraculous survival and just looking forward to being reunited soon. yahya's father issued a statement through the council on american-islamic relations' saying "my son, like many immigrant children, is struggling adjusting to life in this country. our situation was aggravated by our displacement in africa for many years after fleeing our home country of somalia because of war conditions." sot - he is a good kid that was loved dearly by his family. he was having trouble adjusting to high school and normal troubles youth face aggravated by the fact that he came from a war
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torn area in somalia and having no formal education before arriving in the united states. abdulahi says he plans to fly to hawaii to be with his son as soon as possible. reporting in santa clara alecia reid kron 4 news. police are trying to identify a body that was found in oakland this afternoon. a passerby found a man unconcious man on embarcadero avenue near 22nd avenue. when they tried to wake him up they found he wasn't breathing. currently the death is unexplained and still under investigation. in another developing story. police looking for the gunman who they say shot a woman. oakland police say that woman is "incredibly lucky" to be alive.after she was shot in the chest saturday morning. the woman was walking into a store in the 700 block of adeline street. that's when she was shot once on the right side of her chest. police say the bullet just missed her major organs.
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she is currently recovering in the hospital. investigators still don't have a suspect or a motive for why that woman was targeted. three people rushed to the hospital after a grease fire at a san francisco burger king. investigators say the phone schemes try to pressure people into paying debts they never police say criminals often target vulnerable people.including the elderly and those concerned about their immigration status. officials say the callers threaten victims with arrest, deportation, or say they will cut off their utilities. they then pressure them to load money cards and call back to before hundreds of thousands of people in saint peters square.two 20-th century popes were elevated to sainthood. pope francis canonized two former pontiffs.john the 23-rd and john paul the second. and for the first time in the church's 2-thousand year history. a reigning and retired pope celebrated mass together.
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an estimated 800-thousand people filled the square to witness the ceremony. pope francis described john the 23-rd and john paul the second as men who lived through the tragic events of the 20th century but were not overwhelmed by them. unlike john the 23-rd, who died half a century ago, many at the ceremony still have vivid memories of john paul. this is a routine we've always wanted. he is always smiling even when he's in pain. here's a stronger voice against feminism. bells also rang across poland today in celebration of the sainthood of john paul, considered one of the greatest poles ever. you may be old enough to remember when pope john paul the second visited the bay area. he made the trip to san francisco's candlestick park in
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the 1980's where he conducted mass from the pitchers mound. san francisco was just one stop on a world wide tour. we have mostly clear skies for tonight. as we go into mourning tempters will start a local however at the warm-up into the '70s by the afternoon. all the stormy weather is retreating to the north. tempters for tomorrow will get up to it too low to mid '70's and the south enbay. san
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francisco warming up a few degrees however we will have a sea breeze for tomorrow. for tuesday high to mid '80s possibly into the '90s. these will be the warmest tempters so far this year and readings the wealth for windows and thursday --wednesday. halit was a girl's
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weekend at the box office. 'the other woman' came out on top at the box office this weekend. the chick flick stars cameron diaz, kate upton, and leslie mann. it unseated 'captain america: the winter soldier." the superhero movie came in second. and 'heaven is for real' rounded out the top three. a story about a boy who makes his father question everything. george clooney's bachelor days may be over. people reports the actor and his girlfriend amal a-la-mu-deen are engaged! rumors of the engagement started last week when she was spotted with a huge ring on her left ring finger. the pair was first linked in october. a father-son outing turns into the fishing trip of a lifetime for three boys in florida. that's because they managed to catch a nearly 700-pound mako shark. amazing story. something big." just how big, they never imagined. on wednesday, sam and his two friends, ryan roberts and tony musca, take a father-and-son fishing trip off of longboat
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pass on the double nickel charter boat. "what we said to the boys is you have a choice, you can either man the amberjack rod or you can man the shark rod. and they said, 'we want the shark.'" the, around 11:30 in the morning, 20 miles out in 100 feet of water, something bites their 15-pound amberjack bait. "everyone started screaming and yelling, 'yay! we got a shark!'" "just a battle of wills between the shark and 12-year-old young men." boys win, and the shark is towed back to shore a female shark weighing 692 pounds. : "the 692-pound mako shark is a big catch for mote marine researchers too. they will study the skin and fin samples to better understand what makes the mako the fastest swimming shark." "they can get up to 30 miles per hour cruising speed." hueter says the study's findings may help make underwater crafts, even airplanes faster. as for finding these large predators in the gulf, hueter says it's not unusual."
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"no. beach-goers should not be concerned at all with this. we're talking about an animal that is an oceanic species, not coastal species." this catch is a win for science, and this father and son. "the next catch is the next story." but sam's story will always begin like this: "i caught a 700-pound mako shark." in sarasota, isabel mascareñas lots going on - courtside and in the court of public opinion. warriors looking to take one from the clippers. bay area sports - is next. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues& great terms& let's close.
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the warriors blowout the clippers just a day after the clipper owner is accused of making racial comments. it's a lopsided loss to golden state 118-97, evening the nba first-round series at two games apiece. steph curry hit five of his career playoff-high seven 3- pointers in the first quarter giants put the pedal to the medal and don't look back. brandon hicks hit a three-run homer with two outs in the ninth inning to give san francisco a 4-1 victory and a three-game sweep of cleveland. giants starter ryan vogelsong gave up just two hits in seven shutout innings, his longest start of the season. usually the a's have no problem not the case today in houston. astros beating the a's 5-1. oakland entered the day in a first-place tie with the rangers atop the al west, and the a's will spend the next three nights playing their arch rivals. 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our
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mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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the weekend insider, with perspective on this week's top trending stories. >> i was happy for all the girls who would see me on that cover and feel a little more seen. >> lupita nyong'o is "people's" most beautiful. inside her sometimes painful journey to this magnificent moment. >> i got teased and taunted. my one prayer to god was that i would wake up lighter skinned. >> behind the scenes of her photo shoot. then -- >> robin roberts on her life and death battle. why the "gma" anchor initially kept her diagnosis a secret. >> how hard was that? >> i didn't want to bring people down. >> then the disturbing new tv movie with teens starving themselves and getting praise online. >> that dark world that no one knows about. >> and dolly parton. ♪ >> this is clearly the most magical place i've ever been. >> behind the scenes of dolly's new music video and inside her dressing room. >> what are those outfits hidi?


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